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Ireland Tuition Fees & Scholarships


The main costs that students can expect to incur while studying in Ireland include tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. These vary considerably depending on the course, the institution and the lifestyle of the student. The figures given below provide a guideline for budgeting. Costs do not remain static, so it is important to double check fees with the Institution(s) you are considering applying to, and to ask their advice on other living costs.
Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and the study program. An example of tuition fees for 2005/2006 for undergraduate, non-E. U. students at a third level institution are as follows:
Average Fees (Euro)*
Medicine and related
€23,500 - €34,250
€9,100 - €16,123
Science & Technology
€9,100 - €16,926
Business and related
€9,100 - €12,920
Arts & Humanities
€9,100 - €12,920
Fees for Masters programmes can vary depending upon the type of program. Taught Masters programmes range from €8,000 to €15,000 (and upwards for some specialized medical programmes)


A small number of scholarships for overseas students are available from the universities and colleges themselves. These are awarded solely at the discretion of the individual institutions that set down their own criteria for eligibility. Students are advised to contact the institution of their choice directly, to obtain further information.
Many overseas students studying in Ireland are sponsored by their own governments or through other international scholarship programmes. In most cases applications should be made through the Ministry of Education in the student's home country.
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