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Visa Counselling
Essay Editing
University Selection
Detailed Univ. Selection
Selecting the appropriate university, from number of universities in USA, requires lot of research and details from the student.
Visa Counseling is divided into:
Visa File Preparation.
Visa Interview Preparation.
Visa File Preparation.
Finances are one of the major factors, which decide a student’s future, as far as the visas are concerned. Other then that it is the way your visa file is presented to the counselor, the decision by the counselor is taken in a day, and if your file is presented properly, they wont miss on the important factors, leading to visa approval.

Our financial expert plays an important role here. There is a method, which they follow; they briefly take students financial details when the students registers with us, and after studying them in details within one week they personally meet the students sponsor (parents/guardian) and guide them how the funds are to be shown and what other documents are needed and in what formats.

Our financial experts stay in constant touch with the sponsors so that their task becomes easier, if in case they are stuck anywhere in the process.

Visa Interview Preparation:
We have HR experts from corporate, who personally works with the students and check on their confidence level, body language, knowledge, communication skills and many other factors.

A student is given a list of questions, which can be probably asked them at the interview. Our experts take the mock interview at our office and they are given the training until and unless our experts feel that they are fully prepared for the interview.

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